“Go, please,” Big Brother softly said to me as he pushed my face away from his. I was hovering again; I knew that I was. And, as I backed away from my low verbal fourteen-year-old, I bathed in the sting of rejection from my teen that was complicated by divorce and autism. It was typical… Continue reading Go


  I was tired. Sitting across the desk from my divorce lawyer, I felt weary, exhausted from what my life had become. The toxicity of divorce had washed over me, seeping into my pores and infecting my soul.  Months of battling had bled into years, and, as I sat face-to-face with the woman who held… Continue reading Torn


It was mid-afternoon on the day that my divorce lawyer called. I sneaked out to the back yard so that my children could not hear the conversation. It was there, as I perched on the broken down cement stoop just outside the kitchen door, that life as I knew it stopped. “You can’t stay in… Continue reading Home